Wholly owned subsidiary Bambach Wires and Cables Pty Ltd has now ceased manufacturing in its Brookvale plant and the last pieces of equipment are being transported to its new site in Rosedale, Victoria. With the lease expiring on the Brookvale site on June 30, Bambach’s Sydney operations will move to a new warehouse also located in Brookvale. The lease on the Brookvale site expires June 30 and whilst the new warehouse is substantially smaller and will only act as a sales office and warehouse, it is good to see that Bambach will retain its identity in the area. The new Rosedale plant is now in full operation and production volumes and capability are increasing week by week as new operators finalise their training and production throughput ramps up. A second shift has been added and the wheels are in motion for a third shift to enable 24 hour production thus delivering even further production efficiencies.

Brookvale site earlier this month